Visual Composer Extensions

Visual Composer Extensions

Visual Composer Extensions comes with its own, fully featured, lightbox solution that can be used for images, videos & iframes, as well as for modal popups. Including twenty different open/close animations, social share feature, an automatic grid builder for picture galleries, slideshow preview, the ability to group elements throughout a page, touch & swipe support & far more. The lightbox feature is also obtainable for select other elements that can benefit from using it.


  • Visual Composer four.1 or newer (most current version is advised)
  • If your Visual Composer came as part of your theme, be definite that the theme authors didn’t alter the plugin or that the plugin is still capable to work with add-ons
  • WordPress four.1 recommended (maximum of three.8)
  • Maximum of 128MB of PHP / WordPress memory recommended; depending on other activated plugins and utilized theme, more might be necessary (after all, each WordPress process is distinctive).

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Version: 3.1.0

coming soon

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