Selfie – Social network platform V1.0.3

Selfie – Social network platform V1.0.3
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Start You Own Social Network current updated version 1.0.3 free download, Social Connect Any visitor can easily login or register using Facebook. All you have to do is set App ID in Administration panel.

Follow System Feature to follow unfollow any registered user in order to get his last photos or videos directly on your feed.

Chat system You can chat in real-time with any registered user.

Live notifications Receive realtime notifications from chat and account activity.

customize your profile personalize your profile by adding unique covers that will create an amazing slideshow.

Instant search Use the real-time search to look for users or hashtags.

Rating system You can use the like unlike system or the rating bar that allows you to rate any post from 1 to 10.

Administration Manage everything. You have full control to edit/ remove users, comments, photos, videos, activity, reports. Enable/disable any feature from settings, personalize your theme header-bar choose the colors you like and more.

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