Calendarize it! for WordPress v3.3.4.5 free download

Calendarize it! for WordPress v3.3.4.5 free download
live-demo free download

With Calendarize it! we introduce the Layout Builder for the Event and Venue Box.  It makes it super easy to customize the layout and add custom fields as well as setup default templates.

Current Version v3.3.5.57582 Updated on April 6, 2015

New: Added attribute allday_group which takes values “color” or “order”. It will group all day events in the same day by color or by menu_order field from the edit Event screen (Attributes meatball).
New: Added the allday_group attribute to the Calendarize shortcode tab under the Options menu
New: Option to disable the image in the tooltip. Also works with the shortcode attribute “tooltip_image”, which takes the values “1” or “0”.
Update: Rescan sources and updated the language files with latest strings (wp-content/plugins/calendarize-it/languages/)
Bug Fixed: Do not enable the Events post type archive since there is no defined template for this

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